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Wireless and Backbone Technologies

Innovations in technology are unleashing a new mobility and freedom in how business works and communicates. By utilizing wireless and backbone systems, companies can transform their network infrastructures to the convenience of everywhere computing without sacrificing performance or reliability. F-1 has the expertise to create a network design that supports a virtualized data center that allows companies to fully control the delivery of a wide range of applications without compromise. The result is a seamless, flexible environment with the same excellence and standard of service as traditional, wired, switched networks.

Our wireless and technology services include:

  • WAN optimization for faster network experiences and lower bandwidths
  • Network load balancing for maximum data center server redundancy and performance
  • Global DNS load balancing for faster response
  • Data center network infrastructure design and implementation
  • Core to edge routing and switching design
  • Wireless design and architecture
  • Wireless implementation and troubleshooting – for user connectivity or point-to-point between buildings.