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Connected Real Estate Solutions

The power of the Internet is revolutionizing real estate and property services through the convergence of building, safety and communications networks into a single connection for facilities management. This network becomes a platform for sophisticated power management, energy conservation, enhanced communications and centralized monitoring of services and equipment. F-1 creates robust, reliable and secure solutions through the use of technologies that include those from market leader Cisco Systems and its Cisco® Connected Real Estate platform, along with other leading vendors in cabling, automation, controls, applications and billing solutions.

F-1 unites IT and real estate by incorporating technology into the design, construction, use and operation of buildings and facilities. The connected network becomes an intelligent infrastructure that attracts and retains tenants and creates opportunities for new fee-based services and enhanced maintenance processes.

Our real estate connection solutions and services include:

  • High-speed Internet and IP telephony
  • VPN services
  • Wireless services
  • Visitor management
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Interactive media
  • Digital signage
  • Lighting automation: to reduce costs through energy savings
  • Elevators: for centralized monitoring and control
  • HVAC controls: for occupant comfort and personalization
  • Parking
  • Facilities management
  • Fire control
  • Video surveillance
  • Physical security
  • Building access