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Technology Strategy Development

IT investment is as an asset similar to any other in a company. It is strategic in nature and must be linked to value creation. The principals at F-1 have made technology investments for all types and sizes of businesses and understand the fundamentals of positioning IT strategy with the business objectives. We have led IT investment initiatives that range from a million to hundreds of millions of dollars. We are particularly adept at helping executive management define, package and communicate a coherent, goal-oriented IT strategy.

F-1 also understands the financial fundamentals of IT investment. Our planning capabilities take into account the capital investment components of a strategic plan as well as operating needs. Our senior-level expertise focuses on delivering value that will serve the organization not only today but well into the future.

We can help design a strategic IT plan that spans multiple disciplines or for a specific need such as technology infrastructure or business systems. Whether it is a comprehensive technology to refresh a company or a focused upgrade of business systems, F-1 can help define a successful strategy to support these objectives. And our Enterprise Platform and Business Application offerings can execute and deliver services in support of the initiative.